Jeff Rubingh

Strategic Technology Advisor​

Jeff is a technology innovation expert and strategy leader. With more than thirty years of experience, he focuses on the intersection between technology and business to help companies identify and deliver ground-breaking products that maximize ROI across today’s existing and emerging technology disciplines. Focused on the intersection between technology and business, Jeff’s "superpower" is helping companies “discover the future.” In today’s economic, market and technology landscape, it’s disrupt or be disrupted. That’s true for every company from legendary market leaders like Apple and Amazon to the earliest “twinkle in your eye” startup. What’s the path to disruption? Plain and simple. Discover the future. See that future ahead of your competition. Make that future real. This is Jeff’s key value proposition. A technology industry veteran of more than thirty years, Jeff has built and delivered technology magic for a range of companies from small startups to industry titans like Adobe, AT&T, Boeing and Microsoft.