MIIR, short for Music Intelligence Impact Retrieval, is a groundbreaking audio technology company based in the Twin Cities. The Company has assembled a team of co-founders with world-class experience in music neuroscience, application development, and music production to invent a new music intelligence platform.

Their innovative algorithmic technology extracts musical information and rapidly analyzes the data to uncover a song's most impactful moment. The MIIR cloud platform optimizes music search and selection with features like the Audio Journey and Chill Phrase identification. Music filtering is maximized by the Chill Index, Sound Tuners and Presets, with engineering-level Advanced Filtering capabilities available behind the scenes.

The Company has achieved significant technology development, scientific validation and patent protection milestones. Notably, fMRI results from MIIR's Brain Scan Experiment were presented at a peer-reviewed conference, demonstrating their commitment to scientific rigor and the powerful connection between music and neuroscience. 

With MIIR, experience a new approach to identifying and enhancing the moments in music that resonate most deeply with listeners.

MIIR Milestones

Core algorithm development

Brain Scan (fMRI) Experiment

Patent #1 application filed

fMRI results presented at peer-reviewed, ICMPC conference

Chill Index prototype complete

Behavioral Study: Chill Phrases

Cloud implementation complete

Behavioral Study: Chill Index

Cloud processing speeds improved ~20x

Advanced Filters implemented on cloud platform

Sound Profiles and Presets development

Patent #2 provisional application filed

Patent #1 issued

Relaxing Music Pilot Study: MIIR vs. Streaming Service

Patent #2, US & PCT application filed

Transform Music Discovery & Engagement

MIIR is currently pursuing collaborations and acquirers. Please get in touch for a demo or more information.