Finding meaningful moments in music

MIIR is the first technology to identify phrases of music that give people the chills.

What is MIIR

MIIR is intelligent software that uses data analysis to retrieve the most impactful musical moments of recorded songs.


MIIR's proprietary algorithm extracts musical data within songs and analyzes this information to identify the primary Chill Phrase℠ and secondary chill phrases: meaningful moments that elicit a physical and autonomic response.




“Most people can think of a phrase in a song that gives them the chills. MIIR finds that Chill Phrase.”

Roger Dumas, PhD

Chief Science Officer, Co-Inventor

New music metadata

MIIR revolutionizes the way we see music data.


Identifying  chill-eliciting events in recorded music.

Chill Phrase

Timecode regions indicating the most impactful sections of a recorded song that are most likely to elicit emotional, physical and autonomic reactions.

Chill Index®

A metadata filter that identifies which songs are more impactful over another in any song catalog.



A playlist of songs predicted by MIIR to produce highly-positive emotional and physical effects.

The Power of MIIR

Imagine having access to the most impactful moment of each song, in an entire song library.


Imagine being able to know what section of a song will be the most effective in a TV commercial.


And, imagine being able to use music to transform the lives of patients with dementia or depression.


This is the power of MIIR: the only technology that can identify and retrieve the most impactful chill moments of any piece of recorded music.






The Science of MIIR

The “chill response” is an instinctive emotional and physical reaction that can be evoked from a variety of sources, music being the most powerful.


“Chills involve physiological arousal and the reward system of the brain. They are linked to acoustic, musical, and emotional cues as well as openness to experience.”


Rémi de Fleurian and Marcus T. Pearce

from the “Chills in music: An integrative review” (in press)

“Many of us turn to music for emotional support.”

“Music can trigger emotions and... it can pull people with Alzheimer’s out of their closed-in world and help them to re-engage with life and their surroundings.”

Daniel J. Levitin, PhD

MIIR Chief Science Advisor & Co-Inventor from his book "Successful Aging”