Jon Maichel Thomas, MadeDaily

User Experience Director

Jon Maichel Thomas is a twenty-year user experience veteran and creative director. Jon has provided UX/UI strategy, and creative direction for Fortune 500 Companies | YouTube, Target, BCBS, Medtronic, Hasbro, Bass Pro Shops, US Bank, Fairview, Turtle Wax, Bi-Worldwide, Hasbro, Wheaties, General Mills, Pillsbury, Cardiovascular Systems and Zivix. Jon has led projects from software to websites, to mobile apps, to Wii, to digital gaming, to emerging technologies. Jon has a knack for helping clients create digital products to bring to market.


Prior to co-founding MadeDaily, Jon was a contract UX creative director for Olson, Carlson Marketing World-Wide, Knock, Razor Marketing, and an Associate Creative Director at Popular Front (MPLS), a Title Designer at Big Film Design (NYC), and Interactive Designer at Larsen (MPLS).  Jon received a degree in Interactive Design from MCAD.