Gary Katz

A&R Music Production
& Co-Inventor

​Gary’s world class record production expertise brings great value when working with Dr. Roger Dumas, identifying specific musical attributes which can find and elicit the most musically impactful moments in songs.


Gary is a legendary record producer who has helped to create some of the best-known music of our time. As an industry innovator, Gary entered the music business working with Bobby Darin. He produced at Avco-Embassy Records, and then with ABC/ Dunhill Records. Gary also has broad experience with A&R, participating in artist signings such as Jim Croce, Chaka Khan, Rufus and Jimmy Buffett. Gary is most famous for his work as a producer on every Steely Dan album recorded during the first run of their career, from “Can’t Buy a Thrill” to “Gaucho”, as well as the Donald Fagen solo album, “The Nightfly”. Gary’s other production credits include albums by Joe Cocker and other international artists.


Gary was one of two people principally responsible for signing several artists to Warner, including Prince, Dire Straits, Christopher Cross and Rickie Lee Jones. Gary was a central player in the music industry’s digital recording revolution. He acquired the music industry’s first digital multi-track recorders, the 3M Digital Audio Mastering System, which consisted of a 32-track deck (16-bit, 50 kHz audio) running 1-inch tape and a 4-track, 1/2-inch mastering recorder and produced the first digital recording (“Gaucho”) in the history of recorded music.