aaron Prust

Lead Developer
& Co-Inventor

Aaron is responsible for algorithm development, leading the software development team, and coordinating with the scientific empirical validation team during the algorithm development phase. Aaron is also assisting in the design of the architecture and implementation during the cloud processing phase of the MIIR product development.


Aaron is Co-founder of Sprocketwire Inc., a Minneapolis based tech firm which has been developing web-based and mobile applications for more than 18 years. Aaron brings in-depth technical experience in software development for desktop, web-based, and mobile applications. He has managed a wide variety of programming and technical projects which often require integration of client-side software, databases, and internet resources. Aaron combines these technical skills with the desire to communicate with clients to help them engineer practical solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Providing software solutions has been Aaron's primary focus working with organizations such as 3M, CHS, The Nature Conservatory, Pearson Education, Cenex, BBC, Janssen, United Airlines, and American Flow Control.