Paul J. Moe

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer


Paul is responsible for leading the company’s initiatives in capitalization, product development, scientific empirical validation, investor relations and monetization.


Paul is the founder of Marquee International, which houses the Company’s multiple equity holdings. Marquee began the development of MIIR Audio Technologies in March 2019. In the areas of media and entertainment, Marquee manages strategic partnerships for the creation, management, and licensing of intellectual property (IP), technology and commercial IP. Through Marquee, Paul co-founded and acted as founding CEO for FideliQuest, LLC ( Paul is a Co-inventor of two patents issued in 2018, “Digital Video File Generation” and “User Relationship Management For Social Media Platform”. Past clients of Marquee for IP representation in Japan-Asia have included Paisley Park Enterprises, Inc. (Prince), Nippy, Inc. (Whitney Houston) and RTC Management, Inc., (Diana Ross). Paul was Co-Chairman and CEO of Living Benefits Financial Services, where he led the company in securing its initial funding facility of $400 million from Berkshire Hathaway, as well as a $600 million funding facility from Cargill for its predecessor life settlement company, ViatiCare Capital. In the finance industry, Paul was instrumental in developing groundbreaking tools at the forefront of predictive analytics. He has successfully secured and deployed funding in institutional debt and equity from multiple pension funds, investment banks, and private equity funds.


Paul’s business skills are enhanced through his personal passion for martial arts, achieving his sixth-degree Master Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 2021. Competing in Forms and Weapons for the last 20 years, Paul won 2015 NASKA World Champion in Traditional Forms, and for the 2017-2021 competition seasons, won an additional 11 more NASKA World Championships in Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons and Creative Weapons. He embodies the characteristics of a Black Belt, which include integrity, discipline, self-control, and perseverance.