Courtney Jensen

Board Secretary

Courtney is responsible for the processing and recording of financial transactions as part of the finance team. She also oversees the Company’s capitalization table, stock ledger and investment transactions. Courtney is the liaison to MIIR’s General Counsel, coordinating contracts and legal agreements. She works closely with the CEO and Financial Advisor on business operations and strategy. Appointed as Operations Director in August 2021, she will ensure operational alignment of vendors to achieve business goals and timelines.


Courtney brings a range of experience in multiple business functions from sales and marketing to finance and legal administration. She has worked with clients of Marquee International to assess their business functions, management roles and client experience; advising on the implementation of new procedures and strategies to promote financial growth. Previously, Courtney was employed by General Espresso Equipment Corporation, a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial espresso machines; ultimately becoming the Sales and Marketing Manager for the distribution territory of the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.